Avengers Box Android MTK Module v0.8.1 Update Released

Avengers Box / UMT Pro Android MTK v0.8.1 - [30/09/2022]

Whats New :
  • Added :
    • Samsung
      • Galaxy A03S
      • SM-A037G
      • SM-A037F
      • Supported Functions: Read Info, Reset FRP, Backup / Restore Security, Unlock / Lock Bootloader
    • Huawei - Added Sim Unlock by Users Reusest.
      • DRA_L21
      • DRA_LX2
      • DRA_LX3
      • Supported Function Read Info, Backup / Restore Security, Wipe Phone, Sim Unlock, Reset FRP, Write Firmware.
  • Updated CPU Listing, Added AUTO Mode, this phone will try to autodetect CPU and handle it. (If method fail, will need to select CPU Manually)
  • Added detection for VID_1004&PID_6000 - LG Preloader
  • Improved Crash Preloader function to handle Samsung Phones. (Not need any Selection) (This function will work only with "Bypass Security" checked)
  • Improved FRP reset function to support Samsung Phones.

How to Download?
  1. Go to website link - downloads
  2. Download Main Module (if you don t have it already.
  3. Run Avengers Main Module software
  4. Click settings tab.
  5. Click Download installers Link.
Official Website:

Download Links :
Avengers Box Android MTK v0.8.1 Setup