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EMT v3.29.02 Update Released

EMT v3.29.02 Released, Improved Xiaomi "Flash Recovery Firmware" solutions, Added Oppo MTK models Remove Demo Mode!

Improved Xiaomi "Flash Recovery Firmware" solution, supported the recovery firmware package file path with spaces, supported computer environments that cannot read information via sideload mode, enhanced compatibility!

Updated Oppo "Remove Demo Mode" functions, supported No Auth, No Credits Remove Demo Mode by One-Click for Oppo MTK models!

No Mi Assistant Tool / Just One-Click
Following Models by SIDELOAD Mode:
Flash Recovery Firmware - 2 Credit
  • You can flash recovery firmware directly via sideload mode
  • Any Xiaomi, Redmi, POCO devices with sideload mode is supported
  • Supported auto display the recommend firmware link in the logs
  • Suggested to flash recommend firmware, same or high version
  • If you try to flash a lower version, the operation may fail
  • It depends on Xiaomi allow you to flash current firmware or not
TIPS : This function can be solve the problems of mi assistant tool not recognizing, 2015/2011 error code and other tool stuck in 33% bugs!

No Auth / No Credits / Just One-Click
Following Models by BROM Mode:
Remove Demo Mode
  • A11K (CPH2071)
  • A12 (CPH2083)
  • A12S (CPH2077)
  • A15 (CPH2185)
  • A15S (CPH2179)
  • A16 (CPH2269,CPH2271,CPH2273,CPH2275)
  • A16K (CPH2349)
  • A1K (CPH1923,CPH1926)
  • A1S (CPH1925)
  • A3 (CPH1837)
  • A3 (PADM00,PADT00)
  • A31 (CPH2015,CPH2029,CPH2031,CPH2073,CPH2081)
  • A35 (PEFM00,PEHM00)
  • A53_5G (PECM30,PECT30)
  • A53S_5G (CPH2321)
  • A54 (CPH2236,CPH2239,CPH2241)
  • A55_4G (CPH2325)
  • A55_5G (PEMM00,PEMM20,PEMT00,PEMT20)
  • A56_5G (PFVM10)
  • A5S (CPH1909,CPH1910,CPH1912)
  • A72_5G (PDYM20,PDYT20)
  • A72N_5G (PDYM10,PDYT10)
  • A73_5G (CPH2161)
  • A7N (PCDM00,PCDT00)
  • A7X (PBBM00,PBBT00)
  • A8 (PDBM00,PDTM00)
  • A83 (CPH1729)
  • A83 (CPH1827)
  • A9 (CPH1938)
  • A9 (PCAM10,PCAT10)
  • A91 (CPH2021)
  • A91 (PCPM00,PCPT00)
  • A92S_5G (PDKM00,PDKT00)
  • A93_4G (CPH2121,CPH2123)
  • A93S_5G (PFGM00,PFGT00)
  • A94_4G (CPH2203)
  • A94_5G (CPH2211)
  • A95_5G (PELM00,PELT00)
  • A9X (PCEM00,PCET00)
  • F11 (CPH1911,CPH1913,CPH1915)
  • F11 PRO (CPH1969)
  • F11 PRO (CPH1987,CPH2039,CPH2063)
  • F15 (CPH2001)
  • F17 PRO (CPH2119)
  • F19 PRO PLUS_5G (CPH2213,CPH2159)
  • F19 PRO_4G (CPH2285)
  • F5 (CPH1723,CPH1727)
  • F5 YOUTH (CPH1725)
  • F7 (CPH1811,CPH1819,CPH1821)
  • F7 YOUTH (CPH1859)
  • F9 (CPH1823)
  • F9 (CPH1881)
  • F9 PRO (CPH1825)
  • K7X (PERM00)
  • K9 PRO (PEYM00,PEYT00)
  • R15 (CPH1835)
  • R15 (PACM00,PACT00)
  • RENO 2 F (CPH1989)
  • RENO 2 Z (CPH1945,CPH1951)
  • RENO 2 Z (PCKM80,PCKT80)
  • RENO 3 PRO_4G (CPH2035,CPH2037,CPH2036)
  • RENO 3_4G (CPH2043)
  • RENO 3_5G (PDCM00,PDCT00)
  • RENO 4 F (CPH2209)
  • RENO 4 LITE (CPH2125)
  • RENO 4 SE_5G (PEAM00,PEAT00)
  • RENO 4 Z_5G (CPH2065)
  • RENO 5 F_4G (CPH2217)
  • RENO 5 LITE_4G (CPH2205)
  • RENO 5 PRO_5G (PDSM00,PDST00,CPH2201)
  • RENO 5 Z_5G (CPH2211)
  • RENO 6 PRO_5G (CPH2249,PEPM00,PEPT00)
  • RENO 6 Z_5G (CPH2237)
  • RENO 6_5G (CPH2251,PEQM00)
  • RENO 7 PRO_5G (PFDM00)
  • RENO 7 SE_5G (PFCM00)
  • RENO Z (PCDM10,PCDT10,CPH1979)
  • REALME 1 (CPH1859,CPH1861,CPH1869)
  • REALME 3 (RMX1821,RMX1822,RMX1823,RMX1825)
  • REALME 3I (RMX1827)
  • REALME 6 (RMX2001,RMX2002,RMX2003,RMX2005)
  • REALME 6I (RMX2024,RMX2040)
  • REALME 6S (RMX2002)
  • REALME 7_4G (RMX2151,RMX2155,RMX2163)
  • REALME 7_5G (RMX2111)
  • REALME 8 (RMX3085)
  • REALME 8_5G (RMX3241)
  • REALME C11 (RMX2183,RMX2184,RMX2185,RMX2187)
  • REALME C12 (RMX2189)
  • REALME C15 (RMX2180,RMX2186)
  • REALME C2 (RMX1941,RMX1942,RMX1943,RMX1945,RMX1946)
  • REALME C20 (RMX3061,RMX3063)
  • REALME C20A (RMX3061,RMX3063)
  • REALME C21 (RMX3201,RMX3202)
  • REALME C25 (RMX3193,RMX3191)
  • REALME C25S (RMX3195,RMX3197)
  • REALME C2S (RMX1941)
  • REALME C3 (RMX2020,RMX2021,RMX2022,RMX2027)
  • REALME C3I (RMX2020,RMX2027)
  • REALME GT NEO 2T (RMX3357)
  • REALME GT NEO_5G (RMX3031)
  • REALME NARZO 10 (RMX2040,RMX2041,RMX2042)
  • REALME NARZO 10A (RMX2020)
  • REALME NARZO 20 (RMX2191,RMX2193)
  • REALME NARZO 20 PRO (RMX2151,RMX2161)
  • REALME NARZO 30 (RMX2156)
  • REALME NARZO 30 PRO_5G (RMX2117)
  • REALME NARZO 30_5G (RMX3242)
  • REALME NARZO 30A (RMX3171)
  • REALME Q2 PRO_5G (RMX2173,RMX2174,RMX2175)
  • REALME Q2_5G (RMX2117)
  • REALME Q2I_5G (RMX2200)
  • REALME Q3 PRO_5G (RMX2205)
  • REALME Q3I_5G (RMX3042)
  • REALME U1 (RMX1831,RMX1833)
  • REALME V11_5G (RMX3121,RMX3122,RMX3123)
  • REALME V13_5G (RMX3041,RMX3043,RMX3052)
  • REALME V15_5G (RMX3092,RMX3093)
  • REALME V3_5G (RMX2200,RMX2201)
  • REALME V5_5G (RMX2112)
  • REALME X7 MAX_5G (RMX3031)
  • REALME X7 PRO (RMX2111,RMX2121)
  • REALME X7_5G (RMX2175,RMX2176)

  • Improved Xiaomi Module "Flash Recovery Firmware" solution, enhanced compatibility!
  • Updated OPPO Module "Remove Demo Mode" function, supported oppo MTK series models!
  • Fixed Known bugs

About Xiaomi "Flash Recovery Firmware" function description:
  1. This function working for any Xiaomi/Redmi/POCO devices with sideload mode, supported flash recovery firmware via sideload mode!
  2. This function can be solve the problems of mi assistant tool not recognizing, 2015/2011 error and other tool stuck in 33% bugs!
  3. "Flash Recovery Firmware" Operation Process:
    1. Confirm model and select correct model
    2. Put phone into SIDELOAD mode (Recovery mode, Select "Connect MiAssistant"), Connect USB Cable
    3. Press "Flash Recovery Firmware" and then select recovery firmware.
    4. Waiting the process finish.
TIPS : If you facing "Reading Validate ... Failed" during the operation, suggested to downloading the recommend firmware and then select recommend firmware try it again!

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