Avengers Box Spreadtrum Module v2.1.9 Update Released

Avengers Box / UMT Pro SPRD Module v2.1.9 Update Released - [09/03/2023]

Added :
    • E6i
    • E7i Power
    • E20
    • E30
    • E32
Supported Functions :
  • Read info, Reset FRP, Factory reset(wipe), backup/restore phone security, read firmware, write saved firmware, write pac file.
  • Simlock and repair imei is not supported for now.
  • In case of other sprd Motorola phones, please make boot info and post log in forum.
Whats New :
  • Added possibility to exclude save nv backup for flashing phones with erased or corrupted filesystem, phones will not allow to read backup and exe will give reading backup error.
    • In this case need to uncheck this setting to perform flashing.
  • Added remove simlock and imei repair on selecting custom loader.
    • Please note, not all loaders support this function, if exe will give error, this mean custom loader is not supported.
  • Added possibility to disable format userdata on writing saved firmware, if user will restore only few files, format userdata not need.
    • In case of full flash, need to perform format userdata.
  • Improved read firmware function.
    • Now exe will read and save partition info and will allow to make repartition using saved firmware.
  • Improved backup/restore phone security, now exe will backup/restore also prodnv, vendor_efs, sec_efs if this partitions exist.
  • Improved flashing stability for phones what have super partition.
    • Now this partition must be flashed correctly and more fast.

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Download :
Avengers Box Spreadtrum Module v2.1.9 Setup

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