Chimera Tool v31.56.0756 Update Released

⭐️ 23/03/2022 #12 BiWeekly Update Summary - Fixes and Improvements ⭐️

Software Version : 31.56.0756
Release Date : 23 March 2022

New Features and Iimprovements :
  • Huawei : added new function: RPMB Backup/Restore, which creates and restores backups of the phone's RPMB
  • MTK : improved Patch IMEI procedure - we can fix phones with corrupted NVDATA (unless it's really messed up)
  • BlackBerry : restoring various functions by self-hosting firmware files for OS10 procedures (ex. Network Factory Reset, Remove Anti-theft)
  • Core : added procedure price preview for more procedures
Bugfixes :
  • MTK & Qualcomm : fixed a bug when handling EXT4 filesystem

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