Chimera Tool v32.83.1150 Update Released

⭐️ 28/07/2022 #30 BiWeekly Update Summary - Fixes and Improvements ⭐️

Software Version : 32.83.1150
Release Date : 28 July 2022

Improvements and Bugfixes :
  • Xiaomi : fixed a bug in Patch IMEI procedure for MTK SoC (mainly Redmi Note 11S 4G/POCO M4 Pro 4G /fleur/ was affected)
  • Core : fixed a bug when reporting procedure logs to our server
  • Core : added a generic Get Info procedure for phones in normal mode
  • Xiaomi : improved Update Firmware procedure (in Fastboot mode) to support recent firmware versions
  • LG : added magnet link support for LG Firmware downloads
  • Huawei : added Factory Reset option to Huawei's RPMB Backup/Restore procedure

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