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Chimera Tool v34.78.1624 Update Released

⭐️ #6 BiWeekly - Updates in : Qualcomm / MTK / Samsung Modules ⭐️

Software Version : 34.78.1624
Release Date : 09 Feburary 2023

Chimera is your all-in-one service software that supports thousands of phone models, for all service functions, without any hardware or box.

What's New :
New Features and Improvements :
  • Xiaomi : additional improvements were made in the Bypass Mi Account procedure
  • Generic Qualcomm : added a safety feature to be able to recover if the phone gets disconnected during the long GPT reading process
  • Generic MTK : now corrupted secondary partition tables detected during phone identification with option to fix
  • Samsung : added support for EFTSU files in Firmware Update procedure
  • Samsung : updated texts on the Firmware Update procedure dialog, which pops up if the Auto Root function is selected

Bugfixes :
  • Samsung : fixed a couple of bugs in the Samsung downloader where we couldn't decrypt the downloaded firmware properly

We have launched our YouTube channel where You can find useful videos about the software's functionality and video tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/@chimeratool7497.

Visit our Webshop: https://chimeratool.com/shop
Read our Help & Documentation: https://chimeratool.com/docs



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